The Hague Historic Festival 2016

Nederlandse vlag voor vertalingExperience The Hague as it used to be during the first the Hague Historic Festival, located on the Binnenhof, along the Hofvijver, and in the Paleistuin (Palace Garden). History is brought to life, from the 13th-century counts of the province of Holland to the royal family of the present day.

On Saturday at noon, the official opening will be performed by Marco van Baalen, the curator of the Hague Historical Museum and will take place on the Binnenhof. It is here that a spectacle is performed where the count of Holland, in front of the Ridderzaal of his very own count’s castle, will welcome knights, nobles and populace. The banks of the Hofvijver are where you will find the medieval camp of the Compagnie van Brederode along with the mercenaries who helped the count in his battle for power. The eight queens that ruled this country since King William the 1st chose Paleis Noordeinde as his residence 200 years ago, thus establishing the royal family, come to life in the Paleistuin.

Transport between locations
The locations, connected by the historic shopping centre, are Hofkwartier, Noordeinde and the Passage. Activities that are tied to the festival will also take place this weekend. On Saturday, there will be additional tours through the Ridderzaal by ProDemos. On Sunday afternoon, there will be a special tour through the old village Die Haghe, led by the Gilde Den Haag and the Haags Historisch Museum will host a special performance on Wilhelmina by Nel Kars as well as a children’s workshop. You have the opportunity to take the Gouden Koets (the Golden Coach) on a ride through the old town centre on both days. There will be a tour on boat on the Willemsvaart and the Ooievaart and visitors can take the Tourist-Tram on a trip through history. On Saturday, this tram and the Willemsvaart can also take you to the Historic Festival in Scheveningen. You can visit the museums located around the Binnenhof, such as the Gevangenpoort, originally one of the three main gates into the count’s castle, and the Galerij Prins Willem V located next to it, which holds the collection of paintings that the father of King Willem the 1st collected. You can also visit the Mauritshuis where you can look at a large collection of paintings from the Golden Age.

Historic Festival Scheveningen
Saturday, August 20, is an especially interesting day for history-fans as Scheveningen will also take you through history and show you the old fisher’s village of Scheveningen with various familiar and unfamiliar scenes (‘tableaux vivants’), traditional attire, musical performance and fun activities for children.

Opening hours and prices
Binnenhof Spectacle The count of Holland: 12:00h / 14:00 h / 16:00h

Hofvijver Medieval camp: 11:00h – 17:00h with weapon demonstrations at 13:00h and 15:00h

Paleistuin, the eight queens from ‘200 years of kingdom’: 11:00h – 17:00h

Free entrance
Admittance is free to the spectacle on the Binnenhof, the medieval camp at the Hofvijver and the Paleistuin with the eight queens from ‘200 years of kingdom’. An outline of additional historic activities from the event’s partners is available; these activities are not free of charge. On the website mentioned below, a google map shows all information with opening hours and prices.

The Binnenhof has been the centre of power for eight centuries, from the counts of Holland to the present-day government. Stichting HISTORIE-KS (a foundation that organizes historic events) organizes the Haags Historisch Festijn and aspires to bring more archaeology and more history to life over the coming years, along with their partners. The event is organised partly by the municipality The Hague, the province of South-Holland, Fonds1818 as well as contributors. The spectacle on the Binnenhof, the medieval camp at the Hofvijver and the visit to the eight queens in the Paleistuin are accessible without charge. Children can receive a special document with which they can collect signatures of one of the nobles, knights, archers and queens. Once they’ve collected all signatures, they can get an extra ball of ice cream.

flyer achterkant HHF 2016 klein

What can you do?

Free entrance

12:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 Spectacle the Count of Holland
11:00 – 17:00 Life in a medieval camp
13:00 / 15:00 Weapon demonstratio
11:00 – 17:00 the Queens that ruled the 200-year old kingdom

Paid activities

  1. ProDemos: 20-8
    Tours at the Binnenhof, the Ridderzaal and the Dutch House of Commons
  2. Gilde Den Haag: 21-8 11.45 / 13.45
    Tour at the old town Die Haghe
  3. Haags Historisch Museum: 21-8 14.00
    Wilhelmina by Nel Kars and children’s workshop
  4. Museum Gevangenpoort
    One of the three access ports to the count’s castle at the Binnenhof
  5. Mauritshuis
    Royal collection of paintings from the Golden Age
  6. Galerei Prins Willem V
    Personal collection of the father of King Willem I
  7. Gouden Koets
    Classic transport through the historic town centre on the Golden Coach
  8. Historische Haagse Tourist Tram *
    Unlimited transport between The Hague and Scheveningen*

Historic round trips with the boat: Willemsvaart * / Ooievaart
Shopping: in the historic area of: Hofkwartier, Noordeinde and The Passage

*will also go to the Historic Festival Scheveningen on Saturday, August 20

Translation: Ellis Paas